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Professor of Mathematics at University of North Carolina,  1987-2017

Professor Emerita, 2017-present


Current contact information:

  • Department of Mathematics
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Office:  Phillips 384
  • email:   jmh(at)math(dot)unc(dot)edu

I retired from teaching at UNC but I am still working professionally.

I pulished the book Ergodic Dynamics:  From Basic Theory to Applications in 2021 with Springer. Here is a link to the Springer page with the table of contents.

My new book, published by the AMS Press, appeared in 2024.  The cover is at the top of this website and its title is:  The Mathematics of Cellular Automata.  This is a link to the AMS page with the table of contents.




Some of my research publications are available here, I’m gradually filling in the old papers as they get digitized (and new papers as they get written).

Miscellaneous non-research articles are on this page.


Here are some pages of Julia set image galleries:  Rectangular square lattices for iterated elliptic functions, real projective plane rational maps, rhombic square lattices for elliptic functionspunctured RP(2) Julia sets of dianalytic maps


I was the Treasurer of the American Mathematical Society for 10 years (not including the year of training), but on February 1, 2021 finished my fifth and final term.   Now I am the Treasurer of the Friends of the International Mathematical Union (FIMU).

I was a  Marshall Scholar (front row, far left).


I have been involved with the Carolina Dynamics annual meetings for 15+ years.  We published some proceedings with the AMS in 2019, which are linked here.  (Probably your library has a copy.)