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Professor of Mathematics at University of North Carolina,  1987-2017

Professor Emerita, 2017-present


Current contact information:

  • Department of Mathematics
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Office:  Phillips 384
  • Office phone:  919-962-9611
  • email:   jmh(at)unc(dot)edu

I retired from teaching at UNC but I am still working professionally.

I am in the process of publishing a book called Ergodic Dynamics: From basic theory to applications.  Here is a link to the Table of Contents.

Some of my research publications are available here, I’m gradually filling in the old papers as they get digitized.

Miscellaneous non-research articles are on this page:

Here are some pages of Julia set image galleries:  Rectangular square lattices for iterated elliptic functions, real projective plane rational maps, rhombic square lattices for elliptic functionspunctured RP(2) Julia sets of dianalytic maps

I am the Treasurer of the American Mathematical Society.

I am on the Atlanta Region Marshall Scholarship Selection Committee, and I was a Marshall Scholar (front row, far left   – there’s better resolution at the Marshall website.)

I have been involved with the Carolina Dynamics annual meetings for 15 years.  Here are some notes from a talk I gave at WCU in November, 2020.