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These are links to some miscellaneous publications that appeared in the press somewhere. These pieces reflect how I saw things at the time of writing and are posted basically unedited.

  1. Review of Iteration of Rational Mappings, 1993  (book review)
  2. How I became a mathematician, Bob Ryan’s Almanac, 2002 Edition, NBC 4 Washington
    D.C. ( November 2001), 32-33.
  3. Casting Light on the Shadow of Doubt, 2001.  (book review)
  4. Advice to women in other countries interested in studying in the U.S., (panel presentation in Seoul, 2004)
  5. The metric of greatness (fiction short story, 2006)
  6. Dynamics of Mathematical Groups, (chapter in  I, Mathematician, Math Assoc. Amer., (2015), 192–202)